Wsus not updating itself

I have looked in the registry and in all configuration files that I can see and everything looks okay.I am clueless at this point as to why it is not updating itself. can you - put the server in an OU that is seperate from the workstations and link a new GPO for it?I am part of a hugh organization so I don't have admin rights to create my own gpo's. I get this now 2006-04-26 912 b5c AU Triggering AU detection through Detect Now API 2006-04-26 912 768 AU ############# 2006-04-26 912 768 AU ## START ## AU: Search for updates 2006-04-26 912 768 AU ######### 2006-04-26 912 768 AU Hey you work at FSU and live in Tally? '------------------ ' ver 2.8 17-Nov-2003 ' Check Automatic Update settings ' '------------------ On Error Resume Next Set obj Wsh Net = Create Object("Wscript. Quit End if str Computer = lcase(str Computer) if left(str Computer,2)="\" then str Computer=right(str Compu 0 Then msgbox "Connection Error to computer:" & VBCRLF & VBCRLF & " " & str Computer & VBCRLF, vb Critical, "Connection Error" WScript.

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So I really never go to MS for updates, the HQ server does. we re-route wsus server download from upstream server in managed configurations: 1)wsus console ---options---upstream point to microsoftupdate.2) registry settings on wsus server point to the same location now all other servers report to wsus server console without any issue except wsus server itself It stopped reporting to wsus console and no any update.. You might be able to fix the problem by creating a local policy for your server....***** If so here is an example GPO from one of my WSUS servers: Windows Components/Windows Updatehide Policy Setting Allow Automatic Updates immediate installation Enabled Automatic Updates detection frequency Enabled Check for updates at the following interval (hours): 22 Policy Setting Configure Automatic Updates Enabled Configure automatic updating: 4 - Auto download and schedule the install The following settings are only required and applicable if 4 is selected.

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