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she would be sitting at home on saturday night hanging out with her family or doing nothing, rather than getting slutted up for a night of Clubbing and Dancing and Casual Sex with a bunch of other Sluts seducing scumbag guys. write down five special things they did for you, or five special times in the relship well near the end, she stopped really DOING ANYTHING for me, and the only benefit were my own internal feelings of luv. for the past 5 months at least, she was AVOIDING me in any way she could. she was stuck in the past grieving for things/people she could not change. but it would be kind of hard to find a woman who doesnt have a few skeletons in the closet, be it cheating, or abandoning a person, or having open rels, or doing this particular thing. just avoiding or ignoring a situation, pretending it never existed, deleting them entirely, that kind of thing. i dont like the idea and i thought for sure i could never come to like someone, AFTER they told me something like that. that she jumped so soon into a new rel with a new boifran, and kinda kept it secret from me, but told other people. cuz she obviously doesnt know whats best for her any more. that she was terrible about communicating to her beta orbiter in 2013 that she had a boifran and was not interested. i was like a HAWK looking for warning signs cuz i can see warning signs a mile off. but she seemed to overcome the risk factors and be a decent person. i am so critical, i think EVERYTHING is a warning sign.

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but they also have the power to reject you nicely and not horribly like she did! make a list of all the positive qualities about the person. she trusted me enough to tell me very personal stuff, made me feel close and trusted and valued she was very family oriented introverted and not super social, not 100000000000 friends did not party, go to bars, do drugs, drink too much she was chill, not super dramatic, very laid back for a woman she was not fake or phony she was innocent and not super jaded, partially due to not being with too many men she preferred staying at home with family than out partying with party peers she was very attractive but in sort of a weird way, very unique, not like other “pretty gurls” she did not use a lot of makeup she did not dress like a slut she was not obsessed with fashion she was good with money and responsible she seemed mature and reserved and wouldnt do anything stupid really liked some physical aspects, like her hair and legs and skin and shoes and way of dressing and eyes and mouth and nose and face and long arms and legs and nice hips and bottom o god…. at first i thought she was weird looking but later i came to FULLY appreciate her beauty and everything abotu her physically. she had a VERY low number of men, like less than 3! she became like a totally different person when things were going back, and i could not get back to the “good old” version of her. so naturally she would not choose an emotionally available guy like me.Set the best example you can and spend time and energy on people who lift you higher.And remember, somewhere there’s someone out there who thinks YOU need to change! either female friend drifted away from this person too, or if not, told them what a psycho i was. i thought about emailing this person just to say “we had a big falling out” and also to defend myself. i was about to finally inviting her out to come meet my friends and family……she never wanted to hang out by that point. oh lord this is gonna make me sound like the bad guy., a horrible racist. i mean i dont care if my friends date out of their race, as long as the person treats them well. that she hid the boifran from me when she told others. ////////////////////////////////////////// all the things you will miss about your ex and the relship::: she is a decent person and i really luved her. i was way closer to her, than i was to those sluts.maybe i should have invited her to meet friends and family earlier, like when we still got along. but funny instead of saying things i would say about other “race mixing women” like “oh that dirty white trash mud shark, enjoy having mud babies and being beat by your black bull, like to see you in 10 years when you are total trailer trash, etc, one of those fat white women who dates only black men, wow how trashy” that kind of racist stuff hahahaha. and yet here, because i was so in luv with her, i didnt even really THINK about that racial aspect, but MAYBE it was a warning sign? but i prefer to date within my race, and i feel particularly bad if a gurl i want to date dates another race guy instead. to have someone like you, then they STOP liking you. i just miss spending time with her and looking at her pretty face and body and wanting to cuddle with her; adn talking with her; and the High Feeling it caused in my brain. and this is exactly what she cut me off of near the end. THEN i got feelings, THEN i could NEVER get her to hang out with me again. all the things i wanted to do but never got to: hang out with her more. we actually had A Relationship where we knew each other. //////////////////////////////////////////// everything you want to say thank you for:::: for being my friend for 2 years and accepting me for who i was and having 2 good years.

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