Who is jeff fatt dating

little boys hold them up, asking Emma to marry them. That’s why we didn’t go out and show everyone we were a couple to start with.“And we don’t go out late at night to party or go drinking…

we’re not those sort of people anyway.”However, the Wiggly couple do love writing songs together, exercising, exploring Sydney and spending time with their pet galah, who has made a guest appearance on their latest DVD.“Emma and I bought him together from a pet shop and he was incredibly sick.

He is hilarious and so good to watch.” In 2012, Lachy spent 12 months touring with Jeff and the original Wiggles cast, an experience he describes as “a great learning curve”.“I think what I took away from Jeff is to just completely be yourself on camera, to try to not overact but just respond to everything that’s happening in a really friendly and fun way, and be as happy as possible,” Lachy explains.“Jeff has also taught me so much on the piano over the past few years.

While Miz Jenner teased us with a pic announcing Stormi's name, this is the first time we're seeing the cute bebe in all her infant glory! Ch-ch-check out the adorable little girl (below)!!!

She knew that journalism degree would come in handy one day!

He's famous for singing hits such as 'Hot Potato', 'Get Ready To Wiggle' and 'Dorothy The Dinosaur'.

The Wiggles are joined by friends, including La Bamba star Lou Diamond Phillips from the USA, Aussie entertainer David Campbell and New Zealand’s Robert Rakete. The Wiggles’ Rock & Roll Preschool is open now and the lesson for today is to have some fun!

Read Cath’s interview with Emma Watkins (aka Yellow Wiggle) If you drop in on Cath at home, you’re likely to find her household in a state of happy chaos.

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