Updating registry keys sp3

We tried to run that procedure manually in the server and it gave the following error Msg 33094, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_helpdistributor, Line 180 An error occurred during Service Master Key decryption Msg 20036, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_vupgrade_registry_custom_resolver_katmai, Line 32 The Distributor has not been installed correctly.

Patch(Config Action Timing timing, Dictionary`2 action Data, Public Configuration Base spcb) (01) 2015-05-13 Slp: at Microsoft. Recently we upgraded a data warehouse server to SQL2012 SP2 from SQL2008 SP4 and everything went fine except for the SQL server replication that failed and the error log shows ‘Error executing sp_vupgrade_replication’.

Conspiracy theories aside, you simply confirmed my suspicion that isn't an officially sanctioned Microsoft solution.

And the childish link further confirms my statement.

Validate Data Registry Keys(Effective Properties properties) (01) 2015-05-13 Slp: at Microsoft. But the replication is all running fine with no issues, any idea about this error and how to resolve this? I just see these at PMError executing sp_vupgrade_replication An error occurred during Service Master Key decryption And then this at PMService Master Key could not be decrypted using one of its encryptions. My servers are under Always On whenever I am updating the default directory using Management Studio, it doesn’t seem to be updating as when I refresh it, it goes back to old location. Could you please help me figure out what could be the reason behind this.

The server is the publisher and the distributor is a different server. I updated the default log file path later when learned about the error.

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So now when your registry editor is opened , browse to the following key and modify “CSDVersion” from “0×00000200” (SP2) to the Windows XP SP3 value of “0×00000300” and reboot your computer.

Verify Default Data key under the instance hive points to a valid directory.

(01) 2015-05-13 Slp: The configuration failure category of current exception is Configuration Validation Failure (01) 2015-05-13 Slp: Configuration action failed for feature SQL_Engine_Core_Inst during timing Validation and scenario Validation.

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We all know that technology is changing very rapidly and with in a short period of time we have to update with the latest patches and updates for several software.

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