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To meet NYS residency requirements for student aid, applicant must: You must complete both a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and a TAP application.On the online FAFSA, you must indicate that you are a NYS resident and include at least one college located in NYS.Documentation: Budget statement or other documentation from a social service official showing receipt of public assistance other than food stamps or unemployment insurance.NOTE: Housing Assistance/Budget Letter must be in student’s name.Your award should be considered an estimate until your college has certified your eligibility for TAP.Under the law, students are considered dependent upon their parents for TAP purposes unless they demonstrate that they are independent students.However, you must submit a FAFSA for each new award year to be considered for the TAP multi-year process.

Pensions of New York State, local and federal governments as well as any private pension and annuities are to be included in the calculation of income used for determining TAP award eligibility and must be reported on the TAP Application.There are specific requirements that must be met to establish NYS residency.NYS residency is required to receive a TAP award and HESC may ask students for information to demonstrate residency if there is any inconsistent information provided on your FAFSA or TAP application.At the end of the FASFA, you can link directly to the electronic TAP on the Web application.Within 10 business days of submitting your TAP application, you will receive an email message with instructions on how to check your application status online.

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