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A Chinese friend recently received a wedding invitation on it, then booked his hotel through it.For a lot of folks in China, We Chat is the front door to the web."Can you imagine what things would be like today if AOL had won? “We have to ask ourselves, in the option where Facebook wins, is that OK for society?Are we excited about that for the future of our children?

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“We Chat calls them ‘official accounts’ and we call them bots, but it’s the same thing,” he says. He's hoping the teens who love Kik also will grok bots, but so far, Kik's efforts have been largely largely experimental.

”Livingston’s bet is that by learning from Facebook’s most significant chat competitor, Tencent, Kik can remain a contender. It's not clear there will be room for many competitors. Will that reality—in which one company controls chat—be any better?

because it lets you apply cool effects and captions to your photos and videos and easily share them across a number of social media platforms.

The ability to quickly change the look of your pics by adding anything from borders to blurring to brightness not only unleashes kids' creativity, it kinda makes their lives look a little more awesome.

One of the biggest draws of is the instant feedback you can get.

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