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All I know is I sold the Type 2 on e Bay for 5.00 while the Type 13 commonly goes for .00.With the economy the way it is today, if I had an old collectible Stanley plane, I’d sell it and buy a later version with a little bit more bells and whistles for a quarter of the price and fill up my truck with a tank of gas and take my wife out for dinner with the remainder of the money.

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Planes without this lever are known as Prelateral planes.There are four Type Studies that were Prelateral planes, Type 3 being the most rare.If you come into contact with a Type 3 plane, don’t do anything to it. The second easiest way to see if you have a collectible Stanley plane is to see where the round hole on the plane’s blade is.The hole is there to put the cap iron nut through the blade without having to fully remove it.Seems like a silly feature to me but that’s just me.

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