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He believed himself to have the most pragmatic view of the apocalyptic world, and the most qualified to lead the group in the post-apocalyptic hell in contrast to Rick, whom Shane believed had good intentions that did nothing but cause disaster and interference and were likely to cause the entire group to be killed or worse.Shane was more than willing to commit brutality to keep his group safe from anything he viewed as danger, and was shown to be very capable of committing cold blooded murder, as seen when he sacrificed Otis to save himself and brutally murdered Randall in order to protect the group from the threat Shane claimed he possessed. Even right here, right now, you ain't gonna fight for 'em? Shane is a single minded, fearless, cunning, and at times, brutal man who is a determined survivor and also a strong leader to those in his group. He serves as the deuteragonist of Season 1 and later the primary antagonist of Season 2.

Throughout his high school years he was a known prankster, once stealing the principal's car.Shane also served as a gun instructor, teaching several young kids how to shoot.He was very close to Rick's family and helped them out on numerous occasions such as repairing the Grimes' family basement sink after Rick had previously broken it.They got into a shootout with the criminals as they crash their car before the roadblock, Rick was almost shot, but they manage to kill the two criminals.Due to miscommunication, they weren't aware that there was a third criminal inside the car, who manages to shoot Rick in the back.

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