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If you are collecting RSVPs by snail mail, set the RSVP deadline two weeks before you actually need the responses to arrive.Most guests will feel good if their response is simply postmarked by the reply date, as the taxman has trained us to do…Let your guests know exactly how to RSVP (e.g., “Please email your RSVP response to [email protected]”) and what your RSVP deadline is.If you are asking guests to RSVP on your wedsite, include that text on your invitation: “Please RSVP on our website at March 1, 2015.” And make sure your wedsite host is set up to handle any responses sent by a guest who thinks your URL is an email address, for example, [email protected]—because it happens more often than you’d think!Do you have some friends who like texts and others who prefer email? Make it easy for your guests by giving them permission to RSVP in the manner that they prefer: online, email, and text messages are easiest for some, while mailing in an RSVP card might feel more comfortable for an older relative.

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Mastering the art of the perfect text can take some time, but with practice you’ll be on your way.

**Both men and women must avoid sending any texts that are longer than one-half inch in length (the length of the top of your thumb).** Don’ts: Both men and women should avoid playing “hard to get,” mostly because it won’t work if you’re interested in dating someone who is emotionally mature.

Look, everyone knows that most people in 2013 keep their phones close.

Expect one or two guests to drop out at the last minute and one or two others to call at last minute and ask whether they can still come.

If you are mentally and logistically prepared for this to happen, it will be less stressful when it does!

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