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However, the trip was filled with delays and logistical mistakes that were dutifully reported by all the journalists on the plane.And because Ri Ri didn't grant interviews and wasn't seen much on the plane, they had little else to write about.Things have heated up since the two have been rehearsing together in Detroit and Los Angeles over the past month.There’s no denying their chemistry.” Eminem, 41, hinted at their mutual attraction when he recently said, “….we’re both a little nuts.” Adds the source, “Rihanna is sick of dating drama, which is why she cut Chris Brown and Drake out of her life. He and his baby momma, Kim, had a stormy relationship, but now Em and Rihanna are both looking for stability.Ri Ri and her mystery man dined at the trendy New York City eatery Nobu before leaving together.The "We Found Love" singer has been in the Big Apple working on new music for her upcoming album "R8." On Tuesday she posted a video on Instagram giving a quick preview of the sounds fans can expect to hear from the new project."He pretty much just broke down the cycle of domestic violence and it's something that people don't have a lot of insight on." However, Eminem and Rihanna's decision to team up together again for the "Monster" single and now "The Monster Tour" should take the strangeness quotient to new heights.

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In 2001, Moby answered a fan question about Eminem, saying, "From my perspective, misogyny and homophobia are always wrong. It sounded like a good idea -- playing seven countries in seven days on a Delta 777 to promote her "Unapologetic" album.The reporters became sarcastically known as "The Rihanna 150," as if they were hostages, and they staged a mini-riot, complete with a streaking Aussie journalist.She was filming the video for "We Found Love" in Northern Ireland, but the owner of the farm found the filming upsetting, as Rihanna began to wear less and less.The ' Love The Way You Lie' rapper has admitted he finds it difficult to go on a date because he is famous.Eminem, who twice married former wife Kim Mathers, said he had "trust issues" that stopped him from meeting new people.

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