Play steam offline without updating

While you are in the game, if you do not intend to use a wired Xbox 360 pad then you should turn off Xbox 360 Controller Support. The game ships with it set to “on” by default, and many people have reported they get significant increases in FPS (like 10FPS) by turning it off.

Just another example of the horrid consoles spoiling our PC games, sadly.

I enabled 16x Aniso and Ambient Occlusion (Performance) this way. First disable the intro video (no great loss, and there are apparently plot spoilers), by changing the name of BGS_to BGS_bak — and then the Bethesda video won’t play during loading.

This video file is found in: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data\Video You can also install the Image Only Loading Screen mod, to delete the spoiler text on the loading screens while still retaining the pictures and rolling mist. Plug in your gaming headphones, and start the game.

It can’t hurt to also have disabled “Enable Steam Community In-Game”… It’s probably wise to do this after any major game install.

‘s main glitches and problems addressed for those on an older desktop PC, and with a legacy Nvidia graphics card.

I only have a Nvidia Ge Force 9600 GT card, in a gracefully ageing 2008 PC that was able to play quite happily at 1920 x 1200px.

b) I strongly suggest that those unfamiliar with mods get and install the Nexus Mod manager, for generally hassle-free mod installs.

Install, load it, and tell it to operate for Nexus website via the Nexus Mod manager, with the same username and password you used to sign up for the website.

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