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The button will change color depending on the grade from red (low score), to yellow, to blue and finally to green (high score).

Standard HTTP unencrypted connections will turn the toolbar icon gray as will any blank tabs.

If the user has authorized a self signed certificate as "good" then a pass value will also be awarded.

If there is a problem with the certificate or it can not be verified then the entire SSL connection is suspect.

The foundation of a SSL certificate is having a third party positively verify the cert or having the user authorize the cert independently of external sources.

If the certificate authority reports a problem with the cert, the cert is invalid or the user can not independently verify the cert then we can not trust it.

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This describes the response from the certificate authority server.The certificate must be able to be verified through a certificate authority (CA) or be verified by the user for a self signed certificate.If the certificate is verified the status message "Verified" is received and the pass score is given.Mozilla is introducing a new framework called Web Extensions which all new addons must use, but Web Extensions are not allowing addons to query the TLS certificate and cipher at this time.You can use Firefox's Network Security tab to retrieve the same TLS information the addon was collecting.

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