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See, I kinda thought coming back to school you did want to be queen. Nelly: And I was never going to move past Hazel and Iz. Eric: Three times this week I planned a dinner with Jonathan and every time Jenny just happened to show up. Lily: Okay, how about we have a real Thanksgiving dinner. Serena: You haven’t eaten a Cheerio since you’ve been here. Eric: If it’s Apology Time you’re about three months too late. Does it help if the new me just answered that honestly?

But anytime she gets a new guy she Stepfords out and lets him make all the decisions. Serena: Remember when we had to move to [Chemany] because German Klaus wanted to ski all year round.

Bart: Dan and his father just left to look for Jenny so maybe now would be the perfect time to tell me what the hell’s been going on here today, Lily.

Lily: The Annual Van der Woodsen Diner Thanksgiving Dinner.

Eric: You know I was just saying to Jonathan that this is a lovely intimate family gathering.

Cece: I’m sorry if I thought it appropriate that Rufus learns he has a son.

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    I would love to be blessed with the lady of my life.

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    I walked into the cadre's office and told them I would not do it ~ that I quit...

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