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Researchers led by Columbia University trawled 86 million profiles from a genealogy website to uncover the 'family' of 13 million people from Europe and the US in a breakthrough study.

By looking at their genetic data, they were able to piece together their migrations, marriages and how long people lived for - with some interesting patterns emerging.

These majestic creatures (pictured)- which were only identified in 1955 - have only been spotted a handful of times in the past 70 years and were spotted by tourists returning from a trip to Antarctica.

A submerged camera caught the unique underwater footage of the pod as they moved in synchrony with one another.

Concerns over Facebook's tracking activities and its handling of sensitive information have already landed the company in legal trouble.

According to designer Oscar Vinals, from Barcelona, Spain, the craft will run primarily on a compact fusion reactor which can reach Mach 1.5 while producing zero carbon emissions.

Facebook (right), based in Menlo Park, California, uses data gathered from its 1.4 billion daily active users worldwide as well as via third-party websites to target its adverts and other content.

The space agency is working to develop shielding made from thin layers of metal that can protect its craft from cosmic debris.

The service, which is quietly being rolled out in the US, is designed to help people find packages left by Amazon employees.

But it also raises privacy concerns as many customers may be not be aware that pictures of their home are being stored on company servers.

Mr Vinals believes his lightweight aircraft could carry some 500 passengers, and due to the technologies he proposes using, the 'Magnavem' can be charged extremely quickly.

An internal AI system would optimise the craft's functions, while plasma actuators control the airflow to the wings and over the fuselage.

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