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He said the government also aims to make the state free of garbage by December 19 next year, for which the required steps are being taken.“From May 30 next year, there will be a complete ban on plastic in the state.During the historic referendum known in Goa as ‘Opinion Poll’ day, on January 16, 1967, 54.20% of the population voted for Goa to be a separate territory while 43.50% voted for merging the newly liberated region into neighbouring Maharashtra.The Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party had backed the merger while United Goans, led by late Jack Sequeira, batted for Goa being recognised as an independent region in the Indian Union.We are making this announcement in advance so that all those who have made it as their economic activity should not complain at the last minute,” he said.The ban would include plastic bags and also some other items, Parrikar said at a function to mark the Goa Liberation Day.

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