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On the other hand, taking the risk and exposing vulnerability may facilitate a strong foundation for a loving relationship. Develop a mutual understanding of how your relationship may alter your interaction.Author and professor at the University of Cambridge Terri Apter says, “Friendships between women and men are often passionate, and they are rarely simple.As Lehmiller explains, “the best advice I would give to someone in a FWB relationship would be to communicate with your partner.If you can establish what the relationship is and is not and what your expectations are, that should reduce the risk that one of you will end up getting hurt”.It seems like it is becoming more normal to begin a serious relationship like this, too.By ‘testing’ the other person, a FWB situation seems like a perfect way to assess their long-term potential –without dealing with the stress that comes as problems emerge. Lehmiller explained, “My research has revealed that a significant number of friends with benefits are hoping that their relationship will eventually transition into romance...

Ultimately, if your romantic involvement fails, you risk the possibility that your friendship will significantly change. Take some time to distinguish between the platonic feelings you have for your friend and those of a romantic nature.=75) responded to a hypothetical situation involving an individual who neglects their friend as a result of their transition to steady dating.Results indicated that 53 per cent of girls and 32 per cent of boys reported past personal exclusion by their best friend who they perceived to be preoccupied by a romantic partner.[it] may therefore be a way some of us establish intimacy and sexual compatibility before pursuing something serious”. Heidi Reeder shares this view, telling us “if you’re friends first then you’ll know that you not only love your partner, but you also like them”. Reeder recommended some caution, however, in beginning a relationship like this.While in many instances what was once a friends with benefits situation seems to naturally evolve into something more serious, the two emphasise that there should be a conversation to work out exactly what both parties want.

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