Dating tip lake fork idaho

To book a shuttle or for any issues related to shuttles please call SF Shuttle Service directly at (208) 709 6750.

Note all vehicles left unattended at the Slide (Irwin North) and Irwin South access are being ticketed.

We were normally only 3 ½’ from the indicator to the upper nymph. I’ve been using the Rio Aqualux line with a short leader- 20 and 12# Maxima Ultra Green.

As of this writing Palisades Reservoir is 97% full.South Fork Shuttle Service and Julie’s Shuttle Service (208) 483-2903 will not run shuttles there.We do understand the Rendezvous (208) 983-1963 will move your car from Irwin North (Slide) to their shop right away for a nominal fee.) Fish slower water, back waters, slicks and slow edges.The fish are there but generally won’t move far to take a fly.

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