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So a person who is your match mostly but not all the way still may be perfectly fine.

My husband is pretty balanced between N and S and we still do great.

This leaves you with between 7% to 29% of the population depending on what type you are and if you use the high or low numbers for population estimates for type.

If you find that matching system too limiting, another article I read about MBTI and matches said that the main thing is that the two middle letters be the same.

The book also has a great intro that helps you decide what MBTI type you are and people you know are even without an online test.

Since each letter has two choices you could in theory be perfectly balanced between E and I, N and S, T and F, J and P.To find your 3 best match types, you find your own type, then read the type above or below you depending on which circle you are in.The best match is the one directly above or below you.Other matches are near by but you can’t use the circle to find it every time.So for example, if you are INFJ, then your ideal match is above you, ENFP, and your alternate matches are INTJ to the right and ENTP, up and to the right.

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