Dating curriculum vitae

There will inevitably be some overlap in content, so try to write any similar content using different words (use a thesaurus) and from a slightly different perspective.

Because your profile will be on all your CVs, you normally just mention the particular job sector you are applying for jobs in (e.g. A covering letter is normally used to apply for a specific advertised vacancy and so will focus on a particular job (e.g.

From April 2016, Professor of Economic Statistics, Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Padova, Italy – address: Via C. 39-049-8274199 – email: [email protected] – Ph.

in Quantitative Economics – University Ca’ Foscari Venezia – Department of Economics – Dissertation’s title: Long memory conditional heteroskedasticity and variance causality – supervisor Prof.

In persuasion, my research focuses on the cognitive processing of persuasive messages.

Austin, St Andrews) 1999 - 2002, assistant at courses in Geo-ecology, incl.

A profile is only part of a CV so this section should be read in conjunction with our CV examples.

A profile is a short introduction to your CV, whereas a covering letter is a one page letter going into much more detail about why you are suitable for a specific job and organisation.

A resume, or curriculum vitae (CV), is a summary of your education, employment experience, skills and relevant aspects of your extracurricular activities.

It’s also a marketing document to promote your suitability to a recruiter or prospective employer.

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