Dating a woman with personality disorders ohio nursing law mandating

He is an oncologist - and a very good one - and she is basically just a rich housewife who goes through a bunch of nannies and au pairs because they always get fed up with her instability.

You don't have the skill necessary to make that diagnosis! It was pretty uncomfortable for everyone, not just him.She threw a glass at his face which he had to get stitches for. Also she would cheat on him - basically text him she was going to cheat on him then do it, then call back crying a half an hour later.It was hard for me to define this as an "illness" versus her being very impulsive or just selfish in some ways.After living in Denver for about a decade, we moved back to our hometown to raise a family.A girl that had grown up with us had also moved back and had a husband that was a pretty cool guy, so we hung out a good amount.

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