Couchsurfing is not a dating website

But it's not a dating site, so how do you turn what's essentially a site for cultural exchange into a real sex pipeline?

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Yeah so do some guys and I imagine the majority of people on the site probably are on it primarily for the cultural exchange and the chance to stay locals but there's still plenty of fucking to be done.

If there are no meetings in the city you're in (let's call it "City X"), then create an event, and post an announcement on the group corresponding to City X inviting people to show up.

Lots of beta dudes will join, a lot of ugly chicks too, but sometimes one finds real gems, i.e., girls that have just moved to City X and do not know anyone and are trying to build a social circle.

' This helps to initiate not only a deeper connection but moves the interaction toward a sexual level pretty quickly.

Anyway, I found this approach pretty effective for me.

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