Common dating mistakes men make

If you can avoid these seven deadly dating sins, then you can have a life worth living. As children we hold our mom’s hand and let her lead us everywhere. Women like men of action; decision-makers, trigger-pullers. But the day before you do, some random dude just walks up and asks her out.

If you can’t pick a restaurant, how are you going to protect her when there is a noise downstairs in the middle of the night? Now they’ve been dating for months and are talking about getting married. Ninety-percent of dating is actually about taking action.

And when she sees a black ring in that toilet, she is going to head for the hills. A member of Mensa, he has taught at Vanderbilt University and overseas.

Jonathan qualified twice in the Junior Olympics in Taekwondo and once saved a girl from drowning.

I posted an article about the 10 biggest mistakes women make in relationships, and I got a lot of very positive feedback.

Believe me — I hear them all — but most of them fit into just a few key categories.

For simplicity sake, I want to outline some of the most common relationship mistakes men make to help guys get their girl — and keep her.

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