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Many users of mobile phones and computers use Arabish even when their system supports the Arabic script because they do not always have Arabic keyboards, or because they are more familiar with the QWERTY keyboard layout for typing.Online communications, such as IRC, bulletin board systems, and blogs, are often run on systems or over protocols which don't support codepages or alternate character sets.Arabish is used on many public advertisements by large multinationals.Because of its widespread use, large players in the online industry like Google and Microsoft have introduced tools that convert text written in Arabish to Arabic. Arabic chat alphabet is used to communicate in the Arabic language over the Internet or for sending messages via cellular phones when the Arabic alphabet is unavailable or difficult to use for technical reasons.Certain branches of the big agencies, and large corps, like the Sunrise Corporation, have specially protected divisions hunting for interesting old things (in the hope of finding psychically potent objects), but in general terms people don't like digging stuff up for fear of what they might find.In terms of ghosts, most ghosts are rel I'm minoring in archaeology! There's a lot of commercial archaeology that needs to be done before construction can begin on land, so I was wondering if that played into the story in any way?Arabish is used to replace Arabic script, and this raises concerns regarding the preservation of the quality of the language.

It is a character encoding of Arabic to the Latin script and the Arabic numerals.When her grandmother fougt the ghost of the highwayman in1962 , she must have been a very young girl, because children loose their talent, when they reach adult age.So i suppose,that penelope's father must have been born after that event, and even if he fathered his daughter at the early age of 20 or 21, that means penelope was born in the mid 1980s. There are lots of theories about why a particular person becomes a Lurker, a Poltergeist, a Spectre or whatever, but no one is really sure.'3 is used to represent Conservative Muslims, as well as Pan-Arabists and some Arab-nationalists, view Arabish as a detrimental form of Westernization.Arabish emerged amid a growing trend among Arab youth, especially in Lebanon and Jordan, to incorporate English into Arabic as a form of slang.

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