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In cuckold lingo, these men are often dubbed "bulls".The general consensus seems to be that the interracial angle adds to the taboo nature of that fetish.There’s a “date” wherein the couple is very cozy together and clearly acting romantic, and there’s a “date” of of the sort that’s just having a meal and catching up a friends and even former exes.It’s not sure if the former couple was spotted on which type of outing, or even if it was indeed them, but K-ent could use a rekindled romance story if it was true.The cuckold can act on his bisexual urges, but only because of his wife's orders.

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It is one of the most popular types of femdom fetish.Famous cuckold genre personalities include performers like India Summer, Chloe Nichole and Kimberly Kendall.Many celebrities practice open relationships as well, sometimes it involves cuckolding in one way or another.Some varaties of a cuckoo bird are known for the alleged habit of changing mates and the habit of leaving eggs in another nest. Some psychologists interpret cuckold fetishism as a variation of masochism, the cuckold getting pleasure from being severely humiliated.Freudian psychology suggests that cuckold fetish is a way to cope with the fears of infidelity or failure.

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