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See Dynamically populate a validation script message.ABBYY Flexi Capture is a highly accurate and scalable document workflow platform that intelligently captures, classifies and transfers critical data from unstructured and structured documents to the right recipients.Administration and Monitoring allows for monitoring of processing times and pick loads.The System Administrator is able to monitor system health, the overall system and each tenant productivity, and to receive notifications about imminent database overflow.

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If the user enters a value, leaves the field and then clears it, a custom message box appears (if written in the Empty Message box).If a user does edit the calculated value, the custom message you specify in the Override Message box appears.Prevents a user from making changes to the value in the field. The protected field is not included in the tabbing sequence and it does not generate events.A message only appears if there was a value in the field, the value was deleted, and the user exited the field without re-entering a value.If the user never attempts to enter a value in the field and tries to submit the form, a field is required message appears.

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