Auto updating twitter Deaf chat city

You can set your own tweet message for outgoing tweets.Once you are done with configuration, save your settings.

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Now you need to give this app read-write access to your Twitter account. At this time, you have all the keys you need to authenticate your site with Twitter.

Q: I've been using Twitter for a while now, but I realized there might be any easier way for me to refresh my feed throughout the day instead of pressing "refresh" intermittently (I like to get all my news headlines via Twitter).

Is there something I can use to refresh my feed periodically?

Sometimes you may even accidentally publish a post which was not ready for publishing.

If you set up auto-tweet, then it’s too late for that. To avoid this, we recommend scheduling Word Press posts for social media using Buffer App which would allow you to share on all your social media accounts when you publish a new post.

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