Assigned task not updating

Details about the task update — such as the resource who submitted the update or comments — are displayed on this page.

Clicking a task on this page displays additional task details about the update.

Learn how team members can update their tasks and then submit them for approval through Project Web App.

It also describes how project managers review task updates that are submitted for approval.

The Approval Center page in Project Web App enables you to review changes to project tasks and working times that team members submit by using the Tasks and Timesheet pages.

You can use the Approval Center in Project Web App to review changes to project tasks and resource working times, and to update projects with the latest information.

If you know that team members have changed tasks, added new tasks, delegated tasks, or declined tasks, but the submitted changes are not available in the Approval Center, your team members might not have actually submitted their changes.

Before you accept or reject task changes from project team members, it is important to be aware of your organization’s timesheet processing cycle.

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He or she then clicks Send Status to view the following options: Team members can select different task viewing options to change the way task information is displayed to them on the task page.This process enables the team member to communicate to the project manager the reason why additional time is needed to complete the task.Note that the team member has selected only the one task to update.Also, if the person to whom you assign the task rejects it, you might want to reassign it to someone else.To assign a task, you first create the task, and then send it as a task request to someone.

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