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It's no secret Nicole Richie is a fashion chameleon who can pull off pretty much any look she attempts.From her ever-changing hair to her signature boho-chic style, Richie's not afraid to push the limits and take risks in the name of fashion.Many companies have great success rates for relationships and marriage, and I'm glad technology has the ability to aid some of us in finding true love. I'm on the site to date and/or presumably to find a mate. And if you want a relationship, you shouldn't put your pole-dancing pictures up.Yet true love also still eludes many of us involved in online dating. If we were out in the real world, you'd ask (I hope). Not because women who pole dance aren't marriage-minded, but because like it or not, we all have some social norms and stereotypes to which we ascribe.Finish with a highlighting cream applied on top of each breast. Says our 32B fashion director, Audrey Slater, "It's made for those of us who have nuthin' in that department."Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Elizabeth Taylor are timeless beauty icons that will never go out of style.* Get a pair of "chicken cutlet" gel inserts that can be stuffed into any bra. You think today's stars go to great lengths for beauty, it's nothing compared to what these screen sirens of yore did for vanity's sake.WATCH: Nicole Richie for Impulse at Macy's The stylish pair has been married since 2010 and first began dating back in 2006.

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resize=768:*" /To look awake, even when you're zonked: * Plump up your skin with a moisture mask, Darac says.One of the biggest advantages these sites supposedly offer is volume. Just because we're online doesn't mean the rules are different. (Like the fact that most men probably don't want to marry a woman whose pole-dancing pix are all over Zoosk). I'm going to make assumptions about your manhood (so to speak) from everything you do (or don't) do online. You can sort through five or more supposedly "highly qualified leads" -- in some cases daily. If you: Put up recent pictures up that show your eyes (and not your lavatory); Put thought into your profile; Message me directly with something thoughtful; Get my number, and Ask me out're proving you're not afraid to take the lead. resize=768:*" /." To instantly, um, develop: * Apply foundation one shade darker than your skin tone just above the crease of your breasts, Crawford says.Blend it upward in the shape of a V, creating an arch over the top of each breast, then blend it down in between them.

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